Webdesigning Course Modules

Website Designing Overview

First module will cover the basics of website designing. In this module we'll learn and get an intro about website designing to make our base strong. It'll be a two hours session.

Basics of Websites

In this module we'll learn about the basic of websites like what a website exactly is and how a website workds. we'll see how to register a domain and web hosting and how to connect them. we'll also see the control panels of domains and web hosting accounts.

Starting With a Website

In this session we'll start working with a website to make our training 100% practicle. we'll give you a free website for one year so that you can make your own strategies during and after course. we'll also cover the different parts of a website and a webpage

Website Languages

Now the time is to learn the Website Languages. Htese languages are HTML, CSS, JAVA Script, JQuery and Bootstrap. with the help of these languages we can create our own dedidated designs. After this session you'll be completely ready to make awesome desings using codes and attributes.

Website Designing Softwares

After coding the time is to learn about the major softwares of Website Desiging. We'll learn about Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop and Flash. These softwares can help us to minimize the time of making great designs. These softwares are also called Web Editors.

Website Downloading and Uploading

After learning about the languages and softwares of website designing we'll move to downloading and uploading section. In this section we'll learn how to download and upload a website on a live server using File Zila and web hosting's file manger. After this session you'll be able to make a live website .

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Web design is a process of creation, presenting the content on web pages which the end-users can access through the internet with the help of a web browser using a computer, mobile, or tablet. A web designer is concerned with how a site looks and how customers interact with it.

With the rapid advent of the online industry, the demand for web professionals is increasing and this has created huge job opportunities in the upcoming days. Many private and public organizations hire web designer and developers for all their web design and development projects.

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Apart from increasing the business Web Designing has a lot of other benefits.

  • On providing students the best opportunity that enables them to enhance their skills and grow in their career in the web industry.
  • On building professional web designers and developers who want to become leaders in the industry through stunning user interface designs and web application development
  • On improving the creative approach of our students so that they can meet the design objective by enriching the user experience in websites and web applications.
  • On grooming the overall personality of our students so we offer professional training and support during the classes.

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