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Who is local SEO for?

Local SEO is for any business that has a physical location where it greets customers or any business that serves a set local geographic area. Local brick-and-mortar stores like restaurants, bars, laundromats, doctors’ surgeries, law offices, and grocery stores are all businesses that should be using local SEO.

Additionally, service-area businesses (think plumbers, construction workers, locksmiths, and other similar professionals that travel to their customers) are eligible to practice local SEO, and will benefit more or less equally from the benefits it offers. And the list definitely does not stop there! Any business that is local and serves local customers can benefit from local SEO and the practices laid out in this guide.

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The benefits of local SEO

As we’ve just established, when you’re a local business, whether that’s an auto shop in Boise, Idaho, a restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida, or a furniture store in Houston, Texas, local SEO plays a crucial role in generating customers and conversions. In this current climate of online shopping and retail giants, I imagine that local business owners can feel unmotivated to compete against the likes of Walmart and Amazon for positions in search results. Fortunately for you, local SEO is here to help. Local SEO favors smaller businesses over the likes of Amazon any day! Investing in local SEO is your chance to get found by local consumers who are ready and willing to invest in your business instead. Both Google itself and the shopping public recognize the value of local businesses. In fact, Google has a specific set of local ranking factors that it uses as a measure to determine whether or not your business is geographically relevant to a user performing a ‘near me’ search (we’ll cover this in more detail a little later on). That means you don’t have to worry about competing against large international corporations to get your local business in front of relevant nearby consumers. Research conducted by Access concluded that proximity matters to local consumers a great deal, with more than 92% traveling just 20 minutes or less to purchase their day-to-day essentials. For any size business, that should be reason enough to invest in local SEO.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO (local search engine optimization) is a series of actions and strategies designed to improve your visibility on Google and other search engines when people close to your physical location perform a search or when a search includes a specific location. For example, local SEO tactics are what help businesses surface in Maps or search results when someone out and about on their phone types in ‘best pizza New York’ or ‘Pizza near me’. The same goes for people who are looking to visit your town or city and searching for businesses in your area in advance. While it might sound complicated, at its core, SEO is just another name for the tactics that improve sales through building online visibility. To boost online visibility, there are a few tried-and-true tactics available to you. In general, we want to show Google that your business is worthy of appearing at the top of search results for certain terms and searches.

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Who does local SEO attract?

As the name suggests, local SEO focuses on attracting customers in more focused areas (versus the global reach of online stores) such as those in a particular town or city. It’s usually practiced by local businesses that aim to reach this audience to drive footfall to their physical location or develop business within a service area. For many brick-and-mortar and service-area businesses, local customers are the best customers. Why? Well, firstly, they’re easier to reach, and secondly, they’re more loyal and will keep coming back if they like what they’re getting. Local SEO is the perfect way to get in front of these more valuable customers. Local SEO focuses on improving visibility everywhere online, but we’ll largely be focusing on Google and Google Maps throughout this guide. And no, we’re not being sponsored by Google — there is a very real reason that Google matters most! Google is by far the most-used search engine, not only in the US but in the world. Statcounter reported in 2020 that Google’s search engine market share worldwide is a whopping 92.18%.

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