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What is a Google My Business Listing and Do I Need One?.

Our goal with this blog is to help educate business owners about changes and trends that affect their local marketing efforts. You’re running a business, you shouldn’t need a to get a marketing degree to just to make smart business decisions. There are thousands of SEO blogs available online. And they all have a lot of great information. The problem is, the majority of these blogs are targeted toward other SEO professionals. We want to give you valuable information, without all the jargon and code names (but maybe a few acronyms). I thought I would open up by answering one of the common questions we get from potential clients, “what is a Google Business listing, and why do I need one?” With the vast majority of consumers using Google to aid with buying decisions, it’s easy to see why being listed appropriately is one of the most important marketing steps that a small business can take. That is why I feel it necessary for all business owners to know exactly what a Google My Business (GMB) listing is.

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What Info Does a Google My Business Listing Show?

  • Business Name
  • Address or Service Area
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Business Hours
  • Photos
  • Reviews
  • Posts
  • Description
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